Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to ride? 6 years old to take lessons, 5 years old to go on a pony ride. (Because of insurance reasons, there are no exceptions to this rule.) 

What is a private lesson? A private lesson is 30 minutes of one on one time with an instructor. This is the best way to receive a lot of attention from the instructor and is recommended for students at all levels from beginner to advanced. ALL first-time students must first book a private lesson. 

What is a semi-private lesson? A semi-private lesson is 45 minutes with an instructor and one other student. This setting provides an opportunity to ride for a longer period of time and to learn from another student. This type of lesson is available to students whose trainers have said they are capable of riding independently. They are $75 per person. 

What is a group lesson? A group lesson is one hour with an instructor and at least two other students. This setting provides an opportunity to ride for a longer period of time and to learn from other students, which can be very helpful. Students should discuss joining a group lesson with their instructors as they will know best which group will be a good fit. They are $65 per person. 

What is hacking? Hacking is riding without the guidance of an instructor. Students are eligible to hack when their instructors have said that they can ride independently. 

Can I join a group lesson now if I have riding experience? Probably, but first you need to book a private lesson so that an instructor can evaluate your experience and help you find a group!

Do I need to have my own equipment? For every lesson, you should arrive in long pants and a boot with a heel. We have helmets that you can use, but as you get more advanced/interested you may want to purchase your own. 

Where can I get my own helmet or boots? Please see the list of recommended stores at the bottom of the page.

Should I buy a package? A package is a block of 11 lessons, which can be used at any time. Purchasing a package is really a matter of personal preference (essentially: do you want to pay as you go or draw off of an account). The package does have two main benefits: 1) There is one free lesson with the purchase of every package (11 for the price of 10); 2) Purchasing a package allows you to book a standing appointment. 

What is a standing lesson and how do I get one? Booking a standing means that you will ride at the same time each week with the same instructor. This is ideal for many students, but especially those who have busy schedules, like their instructor, and who are really excited about the sport! Additionally, consistency is helpful, especially for beginners. You can ask about standings with the front desk, but it is also good to speak with your instructor because they often have more information about their schedules. 

Can I ride [insert name of favorite pony]? If you would like to request a pony, please speak with your instructor. We cannot guarantee horse assignments. Keep in mind that it NEVER hurts to ride different horses, it just makes you into a better rider! 

What is leasing all about and how much does it cost? When you realize that you have fallen in love with horses (it's inevitable, we know) and in particular with one horse, then you might want to ride him/her all the time. The only way to make sure this happens is to lease. We offer several different kinds of leasing that vary in intensity and cost and you should speak you your instructor about the various benefits of and options for leasing. 

How long will it take for me to become good/proficient? The short answer is: everyone is different. It could take one or two years, it could take five or six. The important thing to remember is that everyone who is 'good' started from not knowing how to ride and after a lot of time in the saddle they are someone that you are looking to as an example! 

When can I go to a horse show? Whenever you are ready! Horse shows are for people of all levels and can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. If you are really serious about showing, then you can talk to your instructor about going to an 'away show.' Most people start out with our semi-annual schooling shows, which take place in April and October.

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