Equestrian sports by nature are individual, however the Essex Equestrian Center has established the Show Team in order to foster a team mentality and friendships among its competing students. In the last ten years the Show Team has grown into a second family for many of its members. Riders and their trainers travel to shows together as a team. Although the students compete in different events or even against each other, at the end of the day everyone is there to learn from each other and share some laughs (and a lot of food). In any ring where one of our own is showing there will be a large contingent in black and gold on the rail cheering them on. The atmosphere of training together, helping each other, and learning from each other's' successes and mistakes is something that EEC takes seriously. The team has graduated students to collegiate equestrian teams across the nation including to High Point University, Skidmore College, and the Harvard University Polo Team. Each of these students has found success in a team environment due to their experience here at Essex. Training together bonds students of all levels and ages. A natural mentoring system emerges between the older and younger students and the more experienced versus inexperienced. The team members teach each other responsibility, positivity, and friendship.

Joining the Team:

To join the EEC Show team, you must already be a member of our community. There is no need to own or lease or horse or show consistently. Reach out to our manager, the captains, or your trainer for more information on joining.


Bec Kaplan 

Cecilia Pandiscia 

"Our color is red, but our spirit is blue!"

Whereas members of the show team train and compete on their own horses and on their own schedules, the IEA team practices together weekly on the EEC horses and competes against other teams monthly. IEA is meant to mirror the Interscholastic Horse Showing Association, which is the governing body for collegiate equestrian teams. Teams from private and public schools as well as barns all over the country compete against each other at the local, regional and national levels. IEA's goal is to provide students in middle and high school the opportunity to be introduced to equestrian sports. The team travels to other barns and competes using their horses rather than bringing their own. The divisions range from walk/trot to more advanced jumping classes which allows for a wide variety of experience among team members. The members of the IEA team at EEC have found the team to be a way to not only develop their skills as riders, but also to develop close friendships with their teammates.

Joining the Team:

To join the EEC IEA team, either middle or high school, you can reach out to your trainer, the captains, or our IEA coaches on more information on tryouts, shows, practices and the team in general.

Jen Griggs, Coach:  

Show Team Season